External Wall Insulation Questions

How thick is a typical insulation system?
In most instances a depth of 100mm (or 4 inches in old money) comprising an insulation board and a colour render finish will deliver a high enough thermal gain to meet Building Regs and any free grant criteria. You can have a thicker or thinner board of course but once you drop below 60mm on any of the boards you will not hit the Building Regs or the free grant criteria.
What types of insulation boards are used?
How are the boards fixed to the wall?
My roof and window cills are not long enough to cover the top of the boards?
What happens to my sky dish,boiler flue and soil waste pipes etc?
Do I need Planning Permission?
Is external wall insulation suitable for a cavity wall?
Will exterior insulation cause damp problems in my walls?
How effective is EWI at stopping condensation & cutting heating bills?
Do I have to have every external wall treated?