Smarter Homes have years of experience in the installation of external solid wall insulation for older properties with no cavities. From answering your initial phone call or email enquiry to arranging a free online quote or home survey we can provide a one stop service for anyone looking to get their home insulated. We promise that we only recommend the most appropriate  insulation system for both your home and your pocket.

If you own a property which has solid walls then you should know that sometimes free government grants are made available for external solid wall insulation for Bedfordshire property owners. These energy efficiency grants have always been made available on a universal basis which means everyone can apply no matter waht your income is or if you receive any State benefits or not.

From a technical point of view it really doesn’t matter if your property is currently stucco rendered, pebble dashed,system built or traditional brick as fitting an external wall insulation system will massively improve both the look of the house and dramatically slash your heating bills.


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External Wall Insulation Quotes 

We can arrange for a free on-site survey where we take measurements and work out a quote, advise you on the amount of free government cash you are eligible for & answer any questions you may have regarding external insulation cladding.

If you would prefer to have a free online quote then you can simply email us your Energy Performance Certificate or Green Deal Assessment reports if you have them. If not then just send a photo of each wall along with the length measurement and the address of the property that you are considering having improved with external wall insulation.

Approved for Government Funding

Our manufacturing and  installation partners are all highly trained and approved by the Green Deal Scheme for carrying out solid wall insulation work in and around most areas of the country. All the materials used and the installers who carry out the work have been vigorously tested and vetted before being authorised by the government’s Green Deal Scheme.

This peace of mind means you are guaranteed to get access to any free funding and all work is under-written by a 25 year insurance guarantee. We can also arrange for a Green Deal Advisor to carry out an independent Green Deal Assessment at your convenience.

For Quotes or Advice Call 03300 889 552 or Email Now

Will I qualify for any External Wall Insulation Grants?

Every previous scheme was available for all solid wall homes in Bedfordshireshire. As long as you had a Green Deal Assessment you automatically qualified for a free external wall insulation grant  up to a maximum of £4000 so realistically you should qualify for any future scheme .

Bedfordshire does have a considerable variety of  different types of solid wall properties. These range from traditional Victorian or Edwardian 9 inch thick brick homes to 1950’s system built houses such as Wimpey No Fines Concrete, Reema and BISF steel homes. Even without a grant subsidy the great news is that every home-owner will see the benefit from external solid wall insulation reflected in £1000’s of heating cost savings in the coming years.

In the past grants were awarded on a first come first served basis until funds ran out so if you own a solid wall home in Bedfordshire and are interested in external wall insulation then why not contact us and we will add you to our free grant update list so you can apply next time funding comes around.

** If your property is in Bedfordshire or the surrounding areas and you wish to find out if external wall insulation is suitable for you then contact our External Insulation Advisor Bob Blume directly on 07720 771612

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