External Wall Insulation Grants for Nottingham

If your home is in Nottingham or the surrounding areas and is of solid wall construction you can claim up to £4000 on an external wall insulation grant. This is a government funded scheme that offers free grants every now and then to help you upgrade your home’s energy efficiency.

The free funding help is not means-tested so is available to everyone in a qualifying property. It does not cover all the costs but in a lot of cases it can help pay for a large part of the costs up to a maximum of two thirds of the cost.

To help you understand how the scheme works our services include advice and access to the government Green Deal Home Improvement Fund  for those wanting exterior insulation. We can also conduct Green Deal Assessments and infrared imaging surveys for those of you wanting this additional service.

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Types of Property Eligible for Funding

The external wall insulation grants for Nottingham are available to both owner-occupied homes and privately rented properties as well. So, if you are a private Landlord and own a solid wall property then you can also apply for help in insulating the external walls and thereby cutting the heating bills for your tenants.

We are able to install most types of system using all the latest acrylic and silicon thermal renders and graphite EPS insulation boards and we can thermally clad any type of property from a traditional 9 inch solid brick wall to a concrete pre-fab or system build such as No Fines.

As long as your home does not have cavity walls then you will be able to get a government grant towards the costs if your home has had a recent Green Deal Assessment. An Energy Performance Certificate dated within the last 2 years can also be used.

All work is backed with an Insurance guarantee and meets relevant Building Regulations as well as qualifying for up to £4000 free government cash back.

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For Grant Quotes or Advice Call 03300 889 552 or Email Now