Grants for External Solid Wall Insulation?

In July 2015 the government announced they were stopping funding all solid wall insulation grants pending a review which has still not been carried out over a year later!! The free government grants for solid wall insulation were a great idea and proved massively popular and should never have been stopped. Anyone who lives in a solid wall property knows full well how expensive they can be to keep warm in Winter. The lack of a cavity and therefore wall insulation often means that as soon as the heating goes off the house cools down really quickly as the heat and warmth simply disappears through the cold external walls.

In a lot of cases the end or corner walls can be prone to black spot mould and condensation damp. This is particularly true of kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms where humidity and moisture are highest and the contaminated air is not very healthy especially for children and asthma sufferers.

The solution to both the heat loss and the eradication of the damp is to insulate the walls which also of course saves hundreds of pounds per year on heating costs and cuts carbon emissions at the same time.

Government Grants & Solid Wall Insulation

Up until the end of March 2015 the government had been providing free grants towards the costs of external wall insulation for all solid wall properties as long as at least 66% of the walls were to be insulated. After the May General Election though the new government announced they would need to make deep cuts to government spending to get our national debt down.

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The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund that financed these grants was abolished in July and there has been no sign of any further government grants in the forseeable future. However, there are still some considerable subsidies available from the private sector.

Solid Wall Insulation Subsidies

The bigger energy companies sometimes offer financial incentives to solid wall insulation manufacturers and providers in exchange for the carbon savings that insulation generates under a scheme called ECO. They sometimes need these extra carbon credits to top up their loft and cavity wall carbon savings as it helps them hit legally-binding carbon reduction targets otherwise they get very large fines.

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Certain manufacturers also top up these subsidies whilst the government gives a 15% VAt saving on the fitting of solid wall insulation. For quite a few people this subsidy drops the costs down to a level that they can afford to pay and of course the record low interest rate on borrowing also helps in financing this major home improvement.

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