The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund Suspended

The last round of GDHIF grants  worth up to £4250 for solid wall insulation launched at 12 noon March 16th 2015 on a first come first served basis and the £70 million fund ran out just over a week later! Click here for the latest news on grants

The government announced on July 23rd 2015 they would be replacing the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund grants with a new scheme later in the year . This scheme will hopefully be in place before Winter and full details will appear here as soon as they are released.

To register you needed a Green Deal Assessment or an Energy Performance Certificate less than 2 yrs old and a quote from an approved Green Deal Installer. We can provide both of these for you of course!

The government introduced grants in the form of cash back for external wall insulation fitted onto solid wall properties. The scheme was called the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund or GDHIF for short and it provided money towards the costs of getting solid wall properties insulated externally.


Unusually this particular scheme was open to any home-owner regardless of income or benefit levels as it focused purely on homes with no cavity walls that leak a lot of heat and are especially expensive to keep warm in Winter.

The GDHIF only had a limited sum of grant funding available which was handed out on a strictly first come first served basis. The last tranche became available in mid-March 2015 and closed on March 26th when all the funds were allocated..

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Homes Which Qualify for External Insulation Grants

Any type of solid wall domestic property was eligible for grant funding subject to having a Green Deal Assessment  or Energy Performance Certificate carried out. This is good news for the many thousands of system built homes such as No Fines concrete or pre-fab homes that were built in large numbers in the 1950’s as well as the more traditional single brick homes built before the 1940’s.

The GDHIF recognised that some properties have special period features and home-owners may want to preserve the frontage of their house and not have an insulated render system covering the front walls. Therefore in most cases you only need to insulate at least half of the external wall area to qualify for the grant subsidy.

What Size Were The Grants

The grant amount did vary but the last block of funding was for £3750 and future grant details should be available by late 2015. The GDHIF solid wall grants were designed to be an incentive to encourage you to cut your heating bills and carbon emissions and so were a contribution towards the costs of external wall insulation.

The grants did not fully fund the costs of the insulation but they did help pay for a considerable percentage which was anywhere up to 67% depending upon the size of the property.

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You registered online by filling in a very simple application form having checked to see what the qualifying criteria was for the grants as the eligibility requirements did vary. However, it wass always the case that you need to own a solid wall home and have had an EPC or Green Deal Assessment survey on your home that recommends external wall insulation and the work had to be done by a Green Deal Approved Installer.

You received a cash back voucher from the GDHIF scheme after registering and this was valid for any work done within 6 months of the date on your voucher. Should you not have gone ahead with any work within this time then your entitlement to the external insulation grant lapsed.

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