July 2018

We are still waiting for any kind of government response about any future grant scheme but with everything else going on free grants for private home-owners is clearly not on the agenda for the forseeable future.

There are some small partial grants as well as a VAT exemption though for solid wall properties so it is still worthwhile asking for a free ball park quote for your property to see how much it would cost.

November 2016

We now have a new Prime Minister and Chancellor and there is still no mention of any grants for solid wall homes either by government spokesmen nor was there any provision for them in the Autumn Statement.

In fact one of the first acts of our new Prime Minister was to abolish the Dep’t of Energy & Climate Change which administered all the old grants! There is still no sign of the report into future energy conservation and home insulation so the prospect of there being any universal grants in future currently looks highly unlikely.

The only good news is that some cost subsidy is in place from the manufacturers and installers to ensure that there is some incentive at least for home-owners.

April 30th 2016

Sad to say but we have now had the budget for 2016-2017 and there was no provision for any grants for solid wall insulation. Furthermore there has been a complete lack of any comment or activity by the government.

With no sign of any grants in the short or medium term the manufacturers of external insulation systems and the installers are trying their best to cut costs so as to at least soften the blow of having no government support in terms of financial aid.

With vat kept at only 5% and the cuts in the cost of the work it may now be time to bite the bullet and get your home insulated so at least you can start to get the benefits of lower heating costs and a damp free home before the Winter comes round again.

8th January 2016

Well another new year starts and still no announcements or indications from the government of any grants being introduced for solid wall insulation. The government has re-iterated its commitment to insulating 1 million homes before the 2020 election but we are still waiting to hear how they hope to do this and if free grants will be offered to help achieve such an ambitious target.

Whilst it is very disapponting that no grants have been available since March 2015 we cannot see how the government can hit its legally-binding carbon reduction targets without a major emphasis on insulating cold solid wall homes.

We will of course release any new grant details as soon as we hear from government so have patience and keep checking this page.


Not All Bad News

After time to reflect on the government’s shock decision to axe Green Deal Funding the views of industry leaders and opposition parties is that the new scheme should be easier for home-owners to access and that solid wall properties should still be at the heart of any new scheme as most fuel poor homes fall into this category.



Green Deal Axing Shock

Govermment minister Amber Rudd announces immediate suspension of Green Deal loans and confirm no further grants are available for solid wall insulation under the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund.

The government will consult the building industry and consumer groups with a view to introducing a new scheme later in the year which will “offer better value for taxpayers’ money” that funds the two schemes.


Green Deal Grants Latest News

All future grants under the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) are now suspended pending the outcome of the General Election.

The current government has put aside £300 million to cover free grant tranches during the next two years and if they are returned to power the grants will continue with June being the next likely release in line with their promise of quarterly grant releases.

However, if Labour win they have said they will stop the free GDHIF grants and instead use the £300 million for interest free loans so everyone will have to pay the whole amount themselves.

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Sadly this is no April Fool trick but all £70 million has now been allocated for external wall insulation grants and the scheme has closed. Hopefully you managed to register in time and if so you should expect to receive your grant voucher by email within the next 2 to 4 weeks.

We will update you as soon as any news is available about future grant releases.



New GDHIF grants of up to £3750 towards the cost of external wall insulation will be released at 12 noon on March 16th 2015 on a first come first served basis until the £70 million fund is allocated.

To be able to register you will need an official quote from a Green Deal Installer and a GDAR or EPC less than 2 yrs old in order to apply online for the grant.

As the funds will be given out on a first come first served basis and judging by previous grant releases the grants will not last very long so apply as soon as they become available.



The second release of Green Deal Home Improvement Fund grants has now closed after all £24 million was snapped up in 28 hours! We did say you needed to be quick but we were still surprised how quickly this money went.

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GDHIF 2 was released at 9am this morning and the expectation is that funds will not last long so if you want £4000 of free government money to help pay for your external wall insulation get online and register today.

As a reminder you will need your GDAR or EPC certificate number to hand as well as your quote from an official Green Deal Installer. The application will be in two stages with part one completing the application form and part two attaching your official quote

Do not forget to check your email inbox shortly after completing the GDHIF grant registration form as you will be sent an email requiring you to attach your quote otherwise your application will fail.



The government has announced that they are going to provide an extra £100 million during this financial year for Green Deal Home Improvement Fund grant vouchers specifically aimed at solid wall insulation.

The first tranche of the £100 million is expected to be early December 2014 so keep checking this page for the latest news.

Don’t Miss Out!

The first pot of GDHIF money went over 4 weeks in July 2014 and the second cash back scheme started on December 10th and closed the very next day as all the money had been swallowed up in 24 hours!!.

GDHIF 3 will prove to be as popular as the other two so the message is to get your quote and Green deal Assessment/EPC done in time and make sure you are around on the 16th March to register online for this free money.

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