Greener Loans for External Wall Insulation

Most of us are aware that by externally insulating cold solid wall homes we can save hundreds of pounds in reduced heating bills for the next 30 years+ whilst also increasing the value of our property.

The problem for most of us is that we do not have enough spare money to pay the considerable costs involved in making our homes warm and damp free.

 There are several responsible lenders who offer low cost affordable greener loans. Home-owners & private landlords will now be able to afford to have energy-saving external wall insulation installed.

Benefits of a Greener Loan

Greener Loan provided by a non-profit Credit Union at exceptionally competitive rates

You could get an obligation free personal price quote without affecting your credit score

One fixed monthly repayment tailored to your budget

You have the right to repay the loan early at any time without penalty

Unsecured so no charge on your property

Free Life Cover for the loan amount

High Approval Rate due to non-traditional credit scoring methods

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