Smarter Homes provide energy-saving internal wall insulation in Northamptonshire and surrounding areas for solid wall properties of all shapes and sizes. 

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We give free quotes throughout Northants and surrounding areas for getting internal wall insulation installed on the walls of your home. We will advise on the best system for both your walls and your pocket. Whether  you are thinking of  just one room at a time or the entire house we will be pleased to help with a quote or general advice.

Internal wall insulation or dry lining solid wall properties is one of the most efficient ways of saving money by drastically cutting down on heat loss. Independent research by experts at the Energy Saving Trust reveal that solid walls are responsible for at least 35% of total heat loss from solid walls!! 

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internal insulation stops heat lossAlthough external wall insulation similarly reduces heat loss it can drastically alter the appearance or period features of the home which may prove unsuitable or undesirable..

By fitting internal insulation instead it means the outside appearance of the home remains untouched and period features such as korbel lines, stone sills or fancy brickwork are all preserved.

Benefits of dry lining your walls with an internal wall insulation system

1. Heating Bill savings of £1000’s over the life of the insulation

2. Condensation damp & black mould eliminated

3. Reduce Costs by combining with redecoration or renovation works

4. Improved internal air quality brings health benefits for people with asthma

5. Chance to hide ugly cables or pipework behind the insulation boards

6. Eligible for free grants towards the costs when government schemes are available

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What is involved with internal insulation

It simply involves affixing a slab of insulation to the inside of your walls before covering this with a vapour control barrier and new gypsum plasterboard. The plasterboard is then skimmed and left ready for you to decorate to your own taste.internal wall insulation installed Nottingham

IWI is particularly good on solid walls and the rigid insulation slabs come already affixed to the rear of the plaster board or mineral wool insulation is placed between wooden or steel battens into which the plasterboard finish is then screwed.

Unsightly wires or pipes can be hidden behind the plaster boards to give a neater look to the room as long as you remember where these are in case you need to drill into the wall!

So, if your home is in Northamptonshire and you are looking to cut the winter heating bill or stop condensation damp then why not give us a call?

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