Smarter Homes supply and install energy-saving internal wall insulation in Nottinghamshire and surrounding areas within a 60 mile radius of our Nottingham office. 

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We offer free quotes across Nottingham and other areas for having internal wall insulation fitted in your home and can advise on the most suitable system for both your home and your pocket. So if you are looking to do just a room at a time or your whole house we would be delighted to advise and quote you.

Internal wall insulation or dry lining is one of the most effective ways of saving money by insulating solid wall homes against heat loss. According to research by the experts at the Energy Saving Trust solid walls are responsible for 35% of all heat loss from a typical home!! 

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internal insulation stops heat lossWhilst external wall insulation is also very effective at cutting heat loss it can dramatically alter the looks and architectural features of the house and so may not be suited to your property.

By having internal insulation installed it means the external appearance of the home remains unchanged and period features such as korbels, stone sills & mullions or feature brickwork are all retained.

Benefits of dry lining your walls with an internal wall insulation system

1. Heating Bill savings of £1000’s over the life of the insulation

2. Condensation damp & black mould eliminated

3. Can be done at same time as redecoration or renovation so saving costs

4. Internal air quality is improved with health benefits for people with breathing difficulties

5. Opportunity to hide unsightly cables or pipework behind the insulated plaster boards

6. Can attract free grant funding towards the costs when government schemes are available

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What is involved with internal insulation

Basically it simply involves attaching a layer of insulation to the interior surface of your walls and then covering this with a new smooth plasterboard finish. The new plasterboard is then skimmed and ready for decorating to your own taste. internal insulation installed

It is especially beneficial for solid wall homes and the insulation comes either already attached to the back of a plaster board or it sits between wooden battens and a standard plaster board is then screwed into the battens.

Unsightly cables or pipework can be hidden behind the new plasterboards to give a cleaner and more modern look to the room as long as you remember where the pipes are when you want to drill into the wall!

So, if your home is in Nottingham or surrounding areas and you are considering internal wall insulation to cut your heating bills or stop condensation damp Smarter Homes will be delighted to help.

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