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Smarter Homes are experts in replacing cracked or blown pebble dash, spar dash and rough cast renders.

Working out of Nottingham & covering a 60 mile radius we can repair and re-coat lightly damaged or spoiled pebble dashing and rough cast render or even replace the old rendering with a modern less textured finish for a more contemporary look.

Does the Pebble Dash all have to come off ?

It is very rare for a house to have a pebble dash wall where all or most of the dash has failed and is cracking or coming away from the underlying wall.

In the majority of cases older heavy pebble dash or roughcast render will only come loose or crack in certain isolated areas such as around replacement windows and doors or above the damp proof course.

The remaining pebble dashing will normally be firmly stuck to the wall and to forcibly remove it will more often than not cause unnecessary damage to the underlying bricks and mortar pointing. This can be especially harmful if there is a single skin or cavity wall beneath the render and so is best avoided wherever possible.

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What happens to the existing sound pebble dashing?

When replacing or rendering over an existing pebble dash finish the best way to ensure a permanent bond between the old, the new and the underlying wall is to use a resin based render for deep penetration in conjunction with an embedded nylon mesh and pin system.

The mesh is embedded into the base render and the old and new render is then drilled and pinned to the wall before the second base render is applied. That way your old pebble dash is guaranteed to stay anchored to the wall along with the new resin render which has bonded with it.

So what guarantees are there?

replaced pebble dashingAll of the rendering will be guaranteed against future cracking and loss of adhesion and this includes any old pebble dash that was best left in place for the reasons outlined above.

We are happy to put a minimum 10 year guarantee on both the workmanship and the materials. The materials are all UK kite marked and independently tested for weather resistance and breatheability. The application teams that do the work are all highly experienced, trained and approved to use these materials by the manufacturers & by Smarter Homes.

If you pay at least £200 by credit card your Bank will also indemnify our guarantee for you as well free of charge so giving you extra peace of mind and confidence in a job well done.

Arranging a Pebble Dash Repair or Replacement Quote

Iy you are looking for a pebble dash quote in Nottingham or the surrounding areas you are welcome to call or email us. We offer a free online quote service as well for those of you who wish to send in digital photos and wall sizes or we can arrange for a home visit and no-obligation quote after a brief telephone discussion of your needs.

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