What is Smarter Deal?

Established in response to the collapse of the government’s Green Deal Scheme the Smarter Deal is a combined industry response to offer affordable external wall insulation to any home-owner with a solid wall property.

Smarter Homes Ltd has been in discussions with leading Green Deal approved manufacturers and installers of external wall insulation to come up with an alternative offer to the Green Deal.

This new “Smarter Deal” is available to all home-owners and has many advantages over the Green Deal that it replaces:

* there is no need to spend £150 on an energy assessment.

* no requirement to have at least two thirds of the walls insulated

* Unsecured lower rate finance available over 5 yrs not 25yrs

* No charge on your home or electricity bill surcharge

* Save up to 35% off 2014/15 Winter Heating Bills

For more info on how to benefit from Smarter Deal please click here or you can contact us by email or phone