The great news for owners of system built or pre-fab homes is that there are now government grants available for external wall insulation to be fitted using the latest insulated render systems.

As you will know these homes can be very expensive to heat in winter as heat leaks out through the walls. As most system builds are unsuitable for cavity wall insulation the introduction of bespoke external insulation systems and government funding help is a massive opportunity to cut your heating bills.

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund can now provide financial help to pre-fabs or system built property owners that wishes to have external wall installed using an approved system especially designed for these non-traditional build types.

Which System Builds are Eligible for External Insulation Grants
Basically there is a bespoke insulation system for virtually every non-traditional home. Before any work is agreed or started we get a free assessment of the walls suitability carried out for you by the UK’s leading experts in system-build insulation fixings. This also ensures you get a 25 year insurance guarantee.

Every home-owner who wants to access the government grants will need to have a Green Deal Assessment survey on their property and we can source an Assessor for you if you cannot find one locally.

The following is a detailed list of most of the UK’s sytem build styles which are eligible for grant help for external wall insulation with a coloured render finish:
Types of Non-Traditional Build (Sometimes called System Build).
Developed by Leeds based construction magnate Sir Edwin Airey, it was easily recognisable by its precast concrete columns and walls of precast ship-lap concrete panels. Due to its variation of design, available with a flat or pitched roof, and with variations […]