External Wall Insulation Grants for Northants
The new government has temporarily suspended the Green Deal grant scheme and will be introducing a new replacement scheme at some near point in the future. We will update the website once the new scheme is announced.

If you own a property in Northants or the surrounding areas and it is of solid wall construction you may be able to claim up to £6000 on an external wall insulation grant from the government or Council.

This is a taxpayer funded scheme that offers free grants to help you upgrade your home’s insulation standards. The money is released periodically and is handed out on a first-come first-served basis until the money has all been allocated.

These external insulation grants are open to residents of Northampton and are not means-tested.  The money is available to every qualifying property. Although the grant will not cover the full costs in a lot of cases it will  pay for a large percentage of the costs. The maximum help is restricted to 67% of costs.

Smarter Homes can help you understand how the scheme works. Our services include free advice and access to the government Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF ) for those wanting exterior insulation. We can also arrange for any Energy Performance certificates or Green Deal Assessments for those of you who haven’t already had one of these done on your property.

Types of Property Eligible for Funding
The GDHIF scheme includes external wall insulation grants for Northamptonshire residents.Grants are available to both owner-occupied homes and privately rented properties. So, if you are a private Landlord and rent out a solid wall property then you can also apply for help in getting external insulation installed and thereby help your tenats by cutting their Winter […]